Re-Opening America! We Are Really Scared

Like every American we’ve been glued to the TV.  I’d work on my online store while listening to the TV and as soon as NY Governor Cuomo comes on at 11am I drop everything and listen to him for an hour.  Last week we started getting really scared because we didn’t get any masks.  Other than the two N95’s leftover from when we did some renovation on the house we don’t have any masks.  Two weeks ago when the surgeon general started showing America how to make masks using bandanas and hair ties I knew we had to get some bandanas on Amazon.  Well, long store short, the bandanas are on back order and we won’t get them until at least mid May!  Now the President is tweeting “Liberate Wisconsin, Virginia and Minnesota”!  People are actually protesting the shelter in place order by congregating in masses!  We are scared to open our little retail store/coffee shop.  We can’t imagine how we can operate while keeping at least 6′ from customers.  What about our kitchen where I used to make chicken quesadilla and soup.  There’s no way we can operate a restaurant with Covid19 being a constant threat!  We decided to wait and see.  In the mean time I check our bank account a couple of times a day and still the stimulus check didn’t come in.  We hope to be able to launch the Berkshiretreasures website soon and at least we have a chance to sell some Berkshire souvenirs online.  The prospect to opening our gift shop any time soon is too scary!  We rather be poor than dead.  This is what we are telling each other.  We are low on grocery but I’m digging deep into the freezer.  There are still security and payment issues we need to resolve on the website before it can go live.  Fingers cross we can get it done soon!  The sample products should be coming anytime this week.  I am very excited!

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