Covid19 Gives Birth To Berkshire Treasures!

Success or not we need to find a way to make a living! Covid19 hit us just as we were opening our little gift shop on the mountain top! We operate a seasonal gift shop off of the scenic Mohawk Trail in historic North Adams, Massachusetts. The Wigwam was originally opened in 1914 and it’s a historic treasure on its own. My partner Wayne and I spent our life savings to buy the gift shop which had been abandoned for nearly 10 years when we re-opened it in October of 2018. We sold coffee, baked goods, home made fudge and lots of souvenir shirts and coffee mugs. North Adams is our home and it’s the smallest city in the state of Massachusetts. With a population of approximately 12,000, this is a place where everyone knows each other. The re-opening of the Wigwam was a huge event. In 2019 we renovated the 4 historic cabins and got our liquor license so customers and cabin guests can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the beautiful Berkshire sunset over the Taconic Mountains. Most of our customers are locals who have loved the Wigwam for generations. Many enjoy coming up the mountain with friends and family to have a cup of coffee and a bit to eat. We’ve come to know most of our customers and consider them friends. The typical greeting is a big smile and a hug. Not having any revenue in the winter month because of the harsh Berkshire winters (no one comes up the Mohawk Trail in the winter), we were eager to open to make some money. Launching an online store would give us a way to continue to serve our customers in the Berkshires. We don’t know exactly how this will work out but we hope we can reach out to a wider set of customers who would like to buy treasures from the Berkshires. Our roots are in the Berkshires and we hope to bring some joy, the beauty, nature and sunset to our customers near and far. Please wish us luck and help us to spread the word!

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