Beautiful Berkshires

The Berkshires is America’s best kept secret!  About 140 miles from Boston and New York, the Berkshires boasts over 100 cultural and historic attractions.  The Berkshires conjures up picturesque mountains, lush green valleys and is a family friendly destination where there’s something for everyone.  For me, the Berkshires is an escape from the cities to get close to nature, to reconnect with myself and disconnect from everyday worries and technology.  It’s an easy getaway and a place where you find world-renowned museums on the one hand neighborhood eateries and amazing coffeeshops on the other.  The common theme is the natural beauty that surrounds every bend and every hill.  Lampposts line downtown streets and most people can spot out-of-towners in a split second.  There are trails, creeks, rivers and ponds everywhere. The air is clean, water is sweet and people are friendly.  Directions are given in relations to the mountains of the three states (Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York).  This is also a place where time slows down because there’s no reason to hurry.  From Greenfield to North Adams on the historic Mohawk Trail one travels through the scenic byway for 45 miles, passes through 7 towns with no traffic lights.  It’s a place you forget about your worries and embrace the sunrise and bid farewell to the sunset while you count your blessings.


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